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1) What is Madhubani Painting?

Madhubani Art is the traditional form of art originated during Ramayana era. It is the form of art which was traditionally done by women on mud walls during ritual ceremony. Due to its ritual importance, lots of people were engaged in this painting without knowing its importance and uniqueness. It was crafted using natural colour and extracts of natural objects. For example, yellow colour was extracted from turmeric; white colour was extracted from rice etc.

2) What are different style of Madhubani Painting?

There are five styles of Madhubani Paintings named Bharni, Katchni, Tantrik, Godna and Kohbar.

3) What material used in Madhubani Paintings?

Traditionally Madhubani Paintings are crafted on handmade paper using natural colour. But now these days artist using silk clothe and oil colour to improve life of painting.

4) What is the origin of Madhubani Painting?

According to hindu epic, Madhubani Painting originated during Ramayana Era.

5) What are the theme of Madhubani Painting?

Popular themes are nature and God Goddess of Hinduism.

6) Is Madhubani-art.in Website selling authentic Madhubani Paintings?

Yes, we are selling authentic and handmade Madhubani Paintings. You can buy these paintings from our website.

7) Why Madhubani paintings is famous?

Madhubani Painting is famous for its unique style and handmade material used in it.

8) What is Kohbar Painting?

Kohbar painting is an auspicious marriage art diagram, which is considered as blessings for newly married couple. In mithila region, it is has great significance.

9) Is Madhubani Painting and Mithila Painting is same?

Yes, Madhubani Painting and Mithila Painting is same.

10) Where is Madhubani Located?

Madhubani is located in Bihar State of India.
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