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Hinduism statues are three dimensional sculptures of Hindu gods and goddesses. In view of the fact that symbolism is a great part of this religion, you may notice that deities are represented carrying weapons, atop various animals or birds, holding particular flowers, having multiple hands or heads, etc. While many of you may not know the significance of such aspects in the sculpted figure, all such facets stand for various attributes the god or goddess embodies. For instance, the lotus flower is considered to be the symbol of auspiciousness, beauty and truth. Therefore, Hindu deities who carry or are presented seated on a lotus are said to possess such qualities in their mythological being or personality, such as Goddess Saraswati, Goddess Laxmi, Lord Bramha, Lord Vishnu, etc.

The Hindu religion is believed to have 33,00,00,000 deities, and this may be the reason why it is quite confusing for people from all over the world to identify one from another, without the use of symbols that represent them. Non-Hindus as well as foreigners may be able to recognize lord Ganesh because no other god in Hinduism has an elephant’s head or a mouse as his mode of transportation. They may call him by many names like Ganpati, Gajanana or even the Elephant God, but they refer to the same deity.

If you are looking to buy a deity statue for your home, it may be wise to look for the perfect piece online. You may come across quite a few dealers and manufacturers that sell such sculptures in a variety of sizes; but before doing all that you need to be sure of what god or goddess you are procuring. While most companies are reliable, it is advisable to have a basic knowledge of the god or goddess and their prominent symbols to make your hunt worthwhile. After spending a considering amount of money and time you want the statue to be perfect and have all the attributes of that deity.

Lord Shiva can be identified as a male figure carrying a trident. On the other hand, Lord Vishnu is bound to be carrying a discus, while his incarnation Lord Krishna can be recognized by the lovely peacock feather in his crown. Just like the weapons or embellishments can help you identify the deities, so can their means of transportation, namely the different birds and animals. For example, the bull is lord Shiva’s companion in travel, while Vishnu rests on a great big serpent but travels on a giant eagle. Even the various creatures used as vehicles (vahanas) by the gods are symbolic.

Hinduism Statues are full of mystery and allure, not to mention great beauty. So, start your search for the ideal statue only after you truly know which deity you want to welcome into your home.

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