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Madhubani paintings on a saree design. Buy online Madhubani painting saree from this website and get authentic product from this website.

Choose among these attractive designs and we will get painted it for you by popular artist of Madhubani painting.

Symbols, lines and patterns, that support the main theme, are the essence of Madhubani painting. Indian Iconography associates peacocks with romantic love and religion, and fish with fertility and procreation. With a peacock on the top and fishes at the bottom, this Madhubani painting symbolizes procreation of the progeny after divine love.

The peacock is painted in a natural way but the fishes are made all the more colourful to add divinity to the process of fertility. And above everything there is the tree, symbolizing Mother Nature, that holds each and everyone. Blue is the dominating colour throughout signifying impersonality of art.

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