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Product Madhubani Kohbar Painting
Material Used Silk
Dimension 108 * 67 Cm
Length 108 cm
Width 67 cm


What is Kohbar Painting

Kohbar is auspicious marriage art diagram traditionally painted on wall during marriage ceremony of mithila region. This painting is painted by women to get blessings from God and family members to newly married couple. This art has unique style of painting with fine lines and patterns. Each and every element of madhubani kohbar painting has its own importance and ritual purpose. This painting is done on the wall of Kohbar Ghar, a room where bride and groom kept during marriage ceremony. This painting is famous for its unique style of painting and natural material used. In mithila region, it is done by using natural extracts of flower and commonly used items like flour, sindur and natural colour extracted from flowers and plants.

Kohbar Painting Design

Design – Kohbar Painting design is crafted using natural colours on Mud wall. Crafted using fine lines makes this painting special. Each and every element of this painting has its own ritual importance. Currently it is the part of all marriage ceremony of Mithila. Specially skilled women draw this painting on wall during marriage ceremony in Madhubani and its ceremony. This tradition is unique and is ancient in this region. It is believed that it brings prosperity to newly married couple.

About Madhubani Painting

Madhubani Painting is a traditional rural art of India practiced in ancient mithila region. This painting is famous amoung art lover due to its unique style and material used. This painting was traditionally crafted on cow dung paper, but now artists are using silk clothe to make painting more attractive and reliable. It also help them to ship it to international market as this painting is famous in most op the developed country. Fine lines, natural colours and handmade paper is the uniqueness of this painting.

Why Choose Us?

We are offering authentic Madhubani Kohbar Painting crafted on silk clothes by popular artist of Madhubani. This painting has traditional touch, but to make it convenient to ship, we are offering it on clothe. Buy madhubani paintings from us and get authentic mithila painting with best rate.


What is Madhubani Kohbar painting?

Madhubani Kohbar painting is a traditional art form practiced by the Mithila community of Bihar, India. It is characterized by intricate geometric patterns, vibrant colors, and depictions of wedding rituals and symbols.

What is the significance of Madhubani Kohbar painting?

Madhubani Kohbar painting is traditionally created by women as a form of auspicious decoration for the walls of the bride’s chamber (Kohbar) during wedding ceremonies. It is believed to bring blessings, prosperity, and fertility to the newlywed couple.

What are the main themes depicted in Madhubani Kohbar paintings?

Madhubani Kohbar paintings often depict scenes from wedding rituals and ceremonies, such as the bride and groom, the marriage procession, blessings from elders, and symbolic motifs representing fertility, prosperity, and marital bliss.

What materials are typically used in Madhubani Kohbar painting?

Madhubani Kohbar paintings are traditionally created using natural dyes and pigments sourced from plants, flowers, and minerals. Artists also use handmade paper or cloth as the canvas, along with brushes made from twigs or fingers.

How is Madhubani Kohbar painting different from other forms of Madhubani art?

Madhubani Kohbar painting is distinct from other forms of Madhubani art due to its focus on wedding rituals and symbols. While other Madhubani styles may depict a broader range of themes, Kohbar paintings are specifically associated with marriage ceremonies.

What are some common motifs used in Madhubani Kohbar paintings?

Common motifs in Madhubani Kohbar paintings include peacocks, lotus flowers, elephants, fish, birds, and geometric patterns. These motifs symbolize fertility, prosperity, happiness, and auspiciousness in the context of marriage.

How is Madhubani Kohbar painting traditionally created?

Madhubani Kohbar paintings are traditionally created by women using fingers, twigs, and brushes. Artists begin by sketching the outline of the design with a black or brown pigment and then fill in the colors and intricate details.

What is the cultural significance of Madhubani Kohbar painting?

Madhubani Kohbar painting holds significant cultural and social importance in the Mithila community. It is considered a sacred art form that is passed down through generations and is an integral part of wedding ceremonies and rituals.

Can anyone learn to create Madhubani Kohbar paintings?

Yes, Madhubani Kohbar painting can be learned by anyone interested in this traditional art form. Many organizations and institutions offer workshops, courses, and training programs to help enthusiasts master the techniques and motifs of Kohbar painting.

Where can one find Madhubani Kohbar paintings?

Madhubani Kohbar paintings can be found in the Mithila region of Bihar, India, where they are created by local artists for wedding ceremonies and festivals. They are also available for purchase in art galleries, craft fairs, and online marketplaces.

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Dimensions 108 x 67 cm

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  1. Rated 5 out of 5

    Anu Sharma

    This marriage art diagram is really niece. Good buy for wedding.

  2. Rated 5 out of 5

    Rajeev Pandey

    I gift this painting to my friend on occasion of his wedding. Really niece painting.

  3. Rated 5 out of 5

    Any Sharma

    Good painting.

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