Role of Online Art Galleries to Popularise Indian Art

Art and architecture have played a very important role to signify human progress during the course of civilisation. Art in the form of paintings and sculpture is a form of expression of human emotions and social realities. The paintings may use different medium or source such as water colour painting, oil painting and acrylic. Since the dawn of human civilisation men have used wall paintings or drawings to express their emotions or other facts.

India has produced many world famous artist and sculptors who have enriched the Indian art through their valuable works and contribution. Modern Contemporary Art has become highly refined and the paintings have become a powerful medium to express the subtle expressions and mental impressions of human mind. Modern Contemporary Art encompasses all the art works done from 1860 to 1970 and thereafter and the theme is moving towards abstraction. Paintings have taken many different styles such as Abstract Paintings, Landscape Paintings, and Figurative Paintings etc.

Modern Art gallery helps the artists to showcase their drawing and painting skill through photo exhibitions and   paintings display. They also facilitate interaction between the art collectors and the artists and thus help the artist to get actual rewards and recognition for their works. As this is the world of computers and internet hence many art galleries are going online to help the art collectors easily get the desired paintings and art-work through online sales. The interested people can buy the art work of their desired artist and also sell the old collection through making visit to the online art gallery.  Some reputed online art gallery consist of the  largest collections of Indian Art online and is a one stop resource for anything related to Indian art.

The online art gallery showcases all works of contemporary Indian art by the artists. The site hosts works from the studios of many artists who have been especially invited at the forum to sell their works directly to the collectors. This online sale of the art-works facilitates the art-collectors to get the desired products just by adding that specific product to the shopping cart and getting the product easily. The collectors can also log on to the website and upload their artworks (including sculptures) for other collectors to see and admire. The site also has an inbuilt messaging system through which collectors can contact each other and also buy and sell art privately and discreetly without paying commissions to the website.

Modern art gallery thus helps the artist and the art-collectors and facilitates in the enrichment of Indian art making it popular on the global scale.

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