Tag: Why are the Colours used in Madhubani so special

Colours used in Madhubani paintings are extracted from natural resources, that is why colour used in madhubani paintings is so special.

1) Turmeric is used for yellow colour.
2) Charcoal is used as black colour.
3) Rice flour is used as white colour.
4) Green leave of plants used as green colour.
5) Indigo flowers are used to extract indigo colour.
6) Red rose flowers are used to extract red colour.
7) Butterfly blue pea flower is used to extract blue colour.

which Colors are Used in Madhubani Painting

Madhubani painting is famous for it naturality and uniqueness. Traditionally this painting was crafeted using natural colour. All colours was extracted from plant leave, flowers, fruits and other parts of plants. This way artist was giving madhubani art uniqueness and naturality. In this article I will tell you some tips to extract natural colour from […]

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