which Colors are Used in Madhubani Painting

Madhubani painting is famous for it naturality and uniqueness. Traditionally this painting was crafeted using natural colour. All colours was extracted from plant leave, flowers, fruits and other parts of plants. This way artist was giving madhubani art uniqueness and naturality. In this article I will tell you some tips to extract natural colour from plants.

Yellow Colour

Yellow colour was extracted from turmeric. It is easily available and was used to fill yellow colour in Madhubani paintings. Apart from turmeric, yellow colour was also extracted from merigold flower. This way the yelow colour was extraced. Apart from these two ways, some of artists was also using different metod to extract yellow colour.

Green Colour

To make dark green colour, artists using green leave of plants. Sqeezing leave and extracting colour is the simple process to make this colour. To make this colour stable and permanent, glue is also mixed. This colour give a unique shining to mithila painting. Green colour is more vibrant and is used to craft border and ineer part of painting.

Black Colour

Black colour is extracting wood coal powder. Some artist using lamp black to make black colour for this painting, Black colour is used to draw border and outline of mithila painting. Artists use it to make base for this painting.

White Colour

Rice powder are traditionally used as white colour in Madhubani painting. This colour is natural and is easily available in kitchen. Soaking it in glue and use as white colour makes this colour permanent and reliable. As lots of painting has white background, still this colur makes a unique presence painting.

Indigo Flower

Indigo flowers are used to extract indigo colour for Madhubani paintings. Indigo flower is found in Madhubani and its surroundings. Indigo dye was traditionally extracted from this plant. It is among the oldest method of extracting natural dye. Ancient era, India was the largest supplier of Indigo dye.

Red Colour

Red rose flowers are used to extract red colour. Apart from rose, some other red flowers are used to extract red colour.

Blue Colour

Butterfly blue pea flower is used to extract blue colour for madhubani paintings.

Apart from these colours, there are lots of techniques to extract natural colour for madhubani paintings.

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