Day: July 23, 2018

Indian God Statues to Buy Online – Madhubani Art

Hinduism statues are three dimensional sculptures of Hindu gods and goddesses. In view of the fact that symbolism is a great part of this religion, you may notice that deities are represented carrying weapons, atop various animals or birds, holding particular flowers, having multiple hands or heads, etc. While many of you may not know […]

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Changing the way handmade Madhubani paintings

Mithila paintings also known as Madhubani paintings OR Madhubani Art is said to originate in the courts of Raja Janak during preparation for the marriage of his daughter Sita to Lord Ram. Mithila painting has traditionally been done on the interior walls of ‘Kohbara Ghar’ (Nupital House) and was unknown to the outside world until it was ‘discovered’ after the […]

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Simple Madhubani Painting Design for Beginners

Madhubani paintings is an India folk art painting of the small town Madhubani. This painting is painted by women of Madhubani. Madhubani painting is related to the culture of this region and is performen in almost all holy occassion. As this painting is related to the culture and cultural activities of Mithila, this art is […]

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