How 3d Printing is Changing & Can Change the World

CAD and CAM revolutionized prototyping and manufacturing technology. 3D printing takes prototyping to a new level and it is very cost efficient as well. It is a type of additive manufacturing technique. Layers are “printed” successively, one over the other to create a three dimensional object from a computer design file. Designers and developers have access to creating prototypes of parts and sub-assemblies with different properties in one single, quick process, to come up with a full color prototype. 3D printers have been sold in large numbers since 2003. Applications of 3D printing service are in creating industrial prototypes, product prototypes, jewelry, automobile sectors, medical sectors and civil sectors, to name a few.

Some of the companies are hugely successful and they made printers capable of layering thicknesses of 0.0035” on their Z510 High Definition color 3D printer. Machines like these have been set up by 3D printing service bureaus located all over the US and designers need not install a machine of their own. They can outsource the work to a reputed and reliable 3D printing service. Such services print prototype models with a layer thickness of 0.0035” at resolution of 600×540 dpi in full color. The maximum size currently available is 10″ x 14″ x 8″. Larger prototypes can be created in sections.

3D printing offers huge cost benefits over other 3D prototyping techniques like selective laser sintering or fused deposition modeling. These competing technologies may have their advantages but when it comes to low cost high quality full color prototyping, 3D printing is the best. It is an industrial revolution of sorts, enabling development of low cost prototypes in a short time.

Designers and engineers find it makes good business sense to outsource such 3D printing to a reliable and trusted service bureau that operates online. A reliable 3D printer can assure 100% satisfaction and will deliver the completed product within 24 hours with free shipping service. All you have to do is send them your computer file and they will give an instant estimate of the cost. Once you approve the quote, they will proceed with the 3D printing and deliver the prototype within 24 hours. Reliable 3D printing service online will safeguard the privacy and security of your work and never pass it on to any other party. They are fast, efficient and accurate in their work and you can count on them for quality prototypes at affordable rates.

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